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The Coalition

The Open to All campaign is supported by a wide array of more than 200 national and state organizations that advocate for racial justice, civil rights, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, health and healthcare, inclusive faith, and much more.

Civil Rights & Racial Justice Organizations

National LGBT Organizations

Allied Organizations

Business Associations

Health Advocacy Organizations

Faith Organizations

Labor Organizations

State LGBT Organizations

LGBT Community Centers

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Municipal Elected Officials

  • Mayor Gail InfurnaMelrose, CA
  • Mayor Lenny SiegelMountainview, CA
  • Mayor Libby SchaafOakland, CA
  • Mayor Tari RennerBloomington, IL
  • Mayor Thomas McNamaraRockford, IL
  • Mayor Gary Christenson Malden, MA
  • Mayor Patrick L. WojahnCollege Park, MD
  • Mayor Chris Taylor Ann Arbor, MI
  • Comptroller Scott StringerNew York, NY
  • Mayor Lydia LavelleCarrboro, NC
  • Mayor Steve SchewelDurham, NC
  • Mayor Allison SilberbergAlexandria, VA
  • Mayor Paul SoglinMadison, WI
  • Mayor Mike WizaStevens Point, WI

If you are a municipal elected official and would like to sign on in support of Open to All on behalf of your region, please fill out the form through the button below.

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