Racial Bias in Retail Resources from Sephora - Open to All

Racial Bias in Retail Resources from Sephora

Sephora Racial Bias Study Cover

Sephora is a member of Open to All’s Leadership Circle, a select group of corporate partners who are leading diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in innovative and meaningful ways. Sephora’s landmark study on Racial Bias in Retail found that shoppers are not the only ones subject to bias across the retail landscape. Retail employees’ experiences with bias in their store can be extremely varied as they are both accused of bias, and for those of color, victims of bias from shoppers and other retail employees.

  • 1 in 5 retail employees have personally experienced unfair treatment at their place of work (20%)
  • 1 in 3 retail employees have contemplated quitting when they experienced racial bias and unfair treatment (31% for all employees; 37% for Black employees)

In response to the findings, Sephora is implementing a detailed action plan to tackle bias in their stores. This groundbreaking study is certain to have impact across the entire retail sector. Learn more about the experiences of shoppers and employees, and ways you can take action to mitigate racially biased experiences.